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Great Value for Premium Property Management

Property Management Fees

For your rental investment to perform at its best, you need to pay a reasonable price for great management. Our transparent fee structure provides peace of mind for property owners in Springfield and Eugene, Oregon. As a leading rental property manager in OR, we offer incredible value and an easy-to-understand management fee structure through an efficient, technology-driven service model. Let's talk about your rental and what we can do for you. With our expertise, your investment is in good hands.


Flat Rate
Management Fee
PER UNIT (or $85, whichever is greater)

No Extra

Charges for

New Tenants

No Extra Fees
to Fill Vacancies or Move-In Charges



No Markups or Fees on Routine Repairs and Maintenance
Image by Giorgio Trovato

Why Pay More?

Too many property managers treat their own business as more important than your investment. They charge more, add mark-ups on to maintenance & repair bills and build hidden fees into their services. Some managers even nickel-and-dime interested tenants, overcharging for application fees and discouraging prospective renters to make a few extra bucks.

Property Management by Rental Investors

We understand how important value is to you because we're rental investors, too. We're here to partner with you to help manage your investment, look for opportunities to increase revenue and optimize your returns and to maintain your rental through proper maintenance and repairs. Better rates, better service, better management. Let's talk about your rental.

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